Aerial Imaging Multi-Specialty

Aerial Imaging Multi-Specialty

Aerial drone photography is growing by leaps and bounds.   Sky King Imagery, with over 45 years of combined photographic experience in all media, offers you a video experience using state-of-the-art aerial vantage.  High-resolution cinematography, stills, time lapse video.   Aerial, ground level, interior walk throughs.  You tell us your project needs.   What is your story? We produce your film.

We are fully credentialed.  FAA part 107 sUAS systems certified. Private pilot written exam certified.  FCC Amateur Extra class license (K6AGE). With a photographic portfolio in publications spanning 40 years.

Photographing up to the limit of 400 feet above ground level (AGL) our platforms can vividly and immediately promote and enhance your business or organizational efforts. Heretofore, only available through expensive helicopter shoots, you now save production time and money.    Your choice of imaging is custom produced.   The result of a complex series of steps from concept, to cine, still or time lapse capture to in-house studio postproduction.  Imagery.   Concept to visual immediacy.   We can produce your immediate prelim onsite.

Stunning aerial cinematic images and stills for your next production or marketing campaign.   For work progress or documentation of key planning department sign-offs.  Sky King Aerial Imaging delivers. We photograph and produce images from various vantage points and perspectives not previously available. Impress your audience.  A picture is always worth a  thousand words.

Transcending the high costs of conventional aircrafts.

NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

Sky King Imagery can provide you with agricultural intelligence and surveillance. Various areas of crop development and growth and/or disease can be imaged in real time stills, video or infrared photography. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images for agricultural crop surveillance and health. Stress areas within crop are more vividly seen. It is like NASA “false color” imaging for rapid identification of specific areas.

We can even create animated videos showing weekly progress throughout a normal crop cycle.


You have further choices. Photogrammetry is the buzz word in the industry.  It is rapidly coming of age. The generation and display of easily manipulated 3D imaging maps.  For individual homesites, collections of buildings, entire blocks, or land terrain.  For real estate land development, photogrammetry technology is cutting edge. Showing slopes, drainage, high spots and low spots. Tree density.  Localized topography.  And more.

This is an exciting era now available for your varied needs.

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